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Beas River


The Beas River is a river in north India located in central Himachal Pradesh, India, and flows for some 290 mi to the Sutlej River in the Indian state of Punjab. Its total length is 290 mi and its drainage basin is 7,839 sq mi large. As of 2017, the river is home to a tiny isolated group of the Indus dolphin.


The Beas River marks the eastern-most perimeter of Alexander the Great's successes in 326 BCE. It was one of the rivers which created problems in Alexander's attack of India. His troops mutinied here in 326 BCE, denying to go any further, they had been absent from home for eight years. Alexander locked himself in his tent for three days, but when his men did not change their wants he gave in, raising twelve large altars to mark the limit and glory of his expedition.

Full Address

Beas River, Kullu.


Type of Place

  • River

Prefered For

  • Couples
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Kids
  • Senior Citizen


  • Kullu- Manali Airport

Important Information

  • Don't make your trip planning in Rainy weather.


  • The main attraction is its pleasant nature, hilly area, its cold climate, and greenery.

Things to Buy

  • Hndicrafts and handlooms

Things to Eat

  • Dham River Trout Masala Omlet

Things to enjoy

  • One can enjoy Trekking and Rafting.