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Dada Hari's Vav


Dada Hari Vav is an elaborately designed stepped well. The well lies just behind the tomb of Dada Hari. It is one of the most complicated structures of the Ahmedabad city. This Stepwell was Built during the reign of Mehmud Begda in the year 1501. This step well is located in Asarwa area of Ahmedabad.


This holy and wholesome water; the splendid travellers' rest-house enclosed on four sides by carved and painted walls, and a grove of fruit trees with their fruit, a well, and a pool of water for the use of man and heist, were built in the reign of the Sultan of the Sultans of the age, established by the grace of God and of the faith, Abul Fath Mahmud Shah, son of Muhammad Shah, son of Ahmed Shah, son of Muhammad Shah, son of Muzaffar Shah the Sultan, may God keep his kingdom. Dated the metropolis of the kingdom the 2nd of Jamadi-ul-awwal in the 26th year of the reign.

Full Address

Dada Hari's Vav, Hanumansingh Road, Asarwa, Haripura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380016.


Type of Place

  • Historical

Prefered For

  • Couples
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Kids
  • Senior Citizen


  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
  • Kalupur Railway Station.

Important Information

  • Timing :- 09:00 AM TO 05:00 PM.


  • 1. It's architecture as it consists of Hindu and Islamic architecture. 2. The carvings which are present in both Sanskrit and Arabic script.

Things to Buy

  • As the mosque is located in a busy market many things can be purchased many small handicrafts with different types of house decorating items can be purchased. Never forget to shop textile when you visit Ahmedabad as Ahmedabad is famous for its textile.

Things to Eat

  • Must Try Special Gujarati Thali, which typically consists of Roti, Dal or Kadhi, Rice and Vegetable Curries. You can also try out the famous Khichdi with Chaas (Buttermilk). Don't Forget to taste different types of kebabs.

Things to enjoy

  • 1. Must capture the rare architecture. 2. Must visit each floor as there is a lot to visit on every floor.