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Golconda Fort


Golkonda is a citadel and fort in Southern India and was the capital of the Qutb Shahi dynasty. The Kakatiyas first built it. They developed it as part of their western defenses. The first three Qutb Shahi sultans expanded it into the present structure over a period of 62 years. Until 1590, It remained the capital of the Qutb Shahi dynasty after which the capital was shifted to Hyderabad. They then expanded the fort, whose 7 km (4.3 mi) outer wall enclosed the whole city. Then finally in 1687 fort fell into ruin, after an eight-month-long siege which led to its fall at the hands of the Aurangzeb.


The Golkonda Fort used to have a vault where the most famous diamond that is Koh-i-Noor and Hope diamonds were once stored along with other diamonds. Golkonda is majorly renowned for the diamonds found on the south-east at kullur and Atkur. At that time, only India had known diamond mines in the world. Golkonda's mines yielded many beautiful diamonds. Golkonda was the market hub of the diamond trade and gems sold there came from many mines from different cities. The fortress-city was famous for diamond trade. However, Europeans believed that diamonds were found only in the Golconda mines. Magnificent diamonds were taken from the mines, including the Daria-i-Noor or "Sea of Light," at 185 carats (37.0 g), which is the largest and most beautiful diamond of the crown jewels of Iran.

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Khair Complex, Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008


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  • Historical
  • Romantic
  • Monuments

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  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.
  • Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station.

Important Information

  • Entry Fees – 15 per person for Indians 200 per person for Foreign Tourists 25 for Still Camera 130 for Sound & Light Show Sound And Light Show Fee - 40 per Adult in Executive Class 110 per Child in Executive Class 80 per Adult in Normal Class 60 per Child in Normal Class Timing Of The Fort – 08:00 AM To 05:30 PM Timings For The Sound And Light Show - 1st Show English (All Days), 2nd Show in Telugu on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 2nd Show in Hindi on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. Show Timing (Nov to Feb): 1st Show 6:30PM 2nd Show 7:45 PM Show Timing (Mar to Oct): 1st Show 7:00PM 2nd Show 8.15PM Note: Sound & Light Show Ticket counter at Golconda Fort is open from 5:30 PM


  • Golkonda consists of four distinct forts with a 10 km long outer wall with 87 semicircular bastions eight gateways, and four drawbridges, along with many royal apartments and halls, temples, mosques, etc. inside it. The lowest among these is the external enclosure in which we enter by the "Fateh Darwaza" studded with giant iron spikes near the south-eastern corner. An acoustic effect is experienced at Fateh Darwaza which is a characteristic of the engineering marvels at Golkonda. They built it so beautifully that a hand clap at a certain point below the dome at the entrance reverberates which can be heard clearly at the 'Bala Hisar' pavilion, the highest point which is almost a kilometer away. This worked as a warning note to the Royals in case of an attack on the fort. The ventilation of the fort is having exotic designs. They were so beautifully designed that the cool breeze could reach the interiors of the fort, providing relief from the heat of summer. The Huge gates of the fort are decorated with large pointed iron spikes to be prevented from elephants. The fort is encircled by an 11 km (6.8 mi) outer wall. It was built to fortify the fort.

Things to Buy

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Things to Eat

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Things to enjoy

  • The sound and light show which is shown here is astonishingly good. It has one of the wonderful sound and light show facility out there. The street in the Golconda fort is a fantastic place to have a walk with someone close to you. It also offers a great place to have some good photographs for your album.