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Golghar located in the city of Patna, Golghar is a simple and charming architecture which is an amalgam of history and natural beauty. Captain John Garstin built this in 1786 by the purpose of serving as a storehouse. Golghar is one of the iconic place in the city which citizens visit to get a respite from the din of the city.


The purpose behind the construction of Golghar was not tourism at all, it was meant to safeguard the population against the disaster of food shortage. After the devastating hunger of 1770 which took lives of 10 million people in regions of Bengal, Bihar and modern-day Bangladesh, Warren Hastings, the then Governor-General of India, ordered the construction of this beehive shaped structure to store grains for the British Army. It was conceptualized and built by Captain John Garstin, an engineer with the East India Company, and has a storage capacity of 140000 tons. The construction of Golghar was completed in 1786, and there has been a conscious effort to improve the appearance and maintenance of the same since 2002.

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Type of Place

  • Historical
  • Monuments

Prefered For

  • Couples
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Kids
  • Senior Citizen


  • Patna Airport
  • Patna Junction Railway Station

Important Information

  • Light show ticket price is 30 INR.


  • If you want to know much about Golghar and Patna, The light and laser show here is best for you using an array of colorful laser lights, illustrations and sounds give an attractive presentation has been made part of this attraction and can be shown at 6:15 PM and 7:15 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Things to Buy

  • Handicraft ,Leather goods,

Things to Eat

  • Litti Chokha Naivedyam Laddo Chandrakala/ Pedakiya

Things to enjoy

  • You can also use stair of Golghar to reach rooftop and enjoy the excellent view of Patna city from height.