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Kamala Nehru Park


Kamala Nehru Park is one of many of those parks in the city maintained by the Pune Municipal Corporation. Kamala Nehru Park is a perfect place for carrying out your daily exercise, taking brisk walks, having long chit chats with friends, and of course for wooing and winning. The site occupies a huge area of around ten acres and boasts to be a thick green belt standing amidst the pollution of the city.Kamla Nehru Park is situated on Dr. Ketkar road, Erandwana, Pune. This park has a jogging track, Playground for kids,a fountain and two lawns. A military jet (HAL HF-24 Marut) is also kept in one of the lawns. There are stalls of food item outside this park's main gate. The a temple of Lord Dutta next to this park.


From last few years authorities are doing a great job in increasing the number of species of flora and fauna and different types of species of trees. They are again linking the mankind from wildlife. That is a good job we should also do something in this context.

Full Address

Kamala Nehru Park, Babulnath, Dadi Sheth Wadi, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006, India


Type of Place

  • Park
  • Picnic Spot

Prefered For

  • Senior Citizen
  • Family
  • Couples
  • Kids


  • Pune International Airport.
  • Pune Railway Station.

Important Information

  • Open Timing - 06:00AM to 11:00AM & 04:00AM to 09:00PM Open all days of week No Entry Fees Photos allowed


  • Flora in the park : One of the factors that make Kamala Nehru Park a healthy place is the ample amount of oxygen in the air here. Thanks to the greenery in the park! There are more than 330 trees in the park out of which 186 are the big ones. You can see here the trees like mango, ashok, peepal, sandal, eucalyptus, royal palm, suietenia mahogany and tamarind. There is a beautiful Christmas tree as well. Moreover the flower plants all around in the park catch your eye at the outset. All the plants are watered regularly and so you see the evergreen garden blooming and blossoming. Play Park : There is a small play park for children here. Children below 10 years can play here. You can see different types of slides and swings in the play park. Children love this part of the park most. Fountain : Ahead of the play park you see the beautiful fountain. You can see the dancing water of the fountain in the evening. As far as the construction of the fountain is concerned it’s a beautiful work. You will like the bucks and the swans crafted out nicely on the fountain. One of the main attractions is the MARUT (HF24) air craft model kept at the entrance in the north side of the park. This single seat strike/ground attack aircraft belongs to the Indian Air Force.

Things to Buy

  • Pune has a whole world of offerings when it come to beautiful goodies. You will love to shop for stunning local handicrafts, antique items like gramophone records or rare coins, exquisite leather items, comfy Kolhapuri Chappals, trendy fashion accessories, stylish footwear, designer dresses, Chiwda (rice flakes) and slippers made from rubber. Be sure to bargain for your favorite stuff as the local vendors tend to overcharge for the tourists.

Things to Eat

  • Aloo paratha at Chaitanya : One of the earliest parathas to make a name for itself, the aloo paratha at Chaitanya continues to remain a favourite in spite of growing competition. From college-goers to working professionals and from couples to families, the aloo paratha is a classic that caters to everyone. Mysore Cheese Masala Dosa at Vaishali : The Mysore cheese masala dosa is probably the highest selling item on the menu of the extremely popular food joint, Vaishali. There are numerous Udipi restaurants around Pune, many of which are quite popular. But nothing comes close to the monopoly that is Vaisha. Chicken Shawarma at Hite Bar : Juicy chicken cooked in Lebanese style and garnished with a house salad and a bunch of unique sauces is wrapped in a roll made from pita bread – the shawarma at Hite Bar is Lebanese in tradition and delicious in taste. The dish is known to be the best of its kind in the city, and attracts long queues of crowds without pause to every branch of the restaurant, right until closing hour. Quite filling, and not too expensive, it works as a great evening snack or even as a part of dinner.

Things to enjoy

  • As you enter in and see around, you are sure that you are going to enjoy being in the park. The lush green lawns and hundreds of huge trees really take to an altogether different world where no mundane hurries and worries can disturb your tranquility. Near the entrance to the west of the park on a huge peepal tree you read the Dos and Don’ts meant for the visitors. Visitors are not supposed to sleep on the benches and the lawns in the park. They should not pluck the flowers and the leaves of the plants. Keeping the place clean is the minimum expectation from the visitors.