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Mahatma Phule Museum


The museum was founded in 1875 and on inauguration it was named as the Poona Industrial Museum. Later on, its name was changed to the Lord Reay Museum. In 1968 the name was again changed to the Mahatma Phule Museum as Mahatma Phule stayed here with Savitribai Phule for some time. You can see different types of agricultural and industrial products along with varying articles of handicraft which were made by the colleagues of Phule. It also houses many body structures of all animals ranging from an elephant to fishes.


After the independence of India, almost all museums were under the control of Indian government. The important museums among them were the Prince of Wales Museum of Mumbai and the Lord Ray Industrial Museum of Pune respectively. It has covered almost a right amount of aspects that I enough to tell the industrial revolution in India. So, it’s a place where one can gain knowledge.

Full Address

1204/10, Ghole Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411004


Type of Place

  • Museum

Prefered For

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Senior Citizen
  • Kids


  • Pune International Airport.
  • Pune Railway Station.

Important Information

  • Timing: 08:00 AM To 05:00 PM Wednesday closed Entry Fee: Free Photography: Allowed


  • When you reach the Museum in Pune, you will enter into a world of items which relates to textiles, forestry, geology, natural history, stone carvings, marble statues, oil paintings, brassware, body samples of elephants to seal fishes, arms and armory, agricultural articles, industrial products, handicraft items etc. Apart from this, the museum also boasts of a well-maintained library with a rare collection of books. The museum conducts film shows and seminars that attract knowledge enthusiasts.

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Things to Eat

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Things to enjoy

  • The Mahatma Phule Museum has a library which houses books based on a variety of subjects expertise like ancient technologies and museology. The museum also publishes out a monthly journal based on the subjects related to science. The hall on the first floor of the museum is used for organising regular talks, film shows, academic gatherings.