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National Chambal Sanctuary


The National Chambal Sanctuary was set up in 1979 as a riverine sanctuary along an approximately 425 km length of the Chambal River and its ravines stretching over 2-6 km wide along the river.


Administrative approval of the Government of India for the establishment of the National Chambal Sanctuary was conveyed in Order dated 30 September 1978. The Sanctuary has sanctuary status declared under Section 18(1) of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Since such a declaration is carried out by individual states for territory falling within their jurisdiction, there are three separate notifications covering the National Chambal Sanctuary - the Madhya Pradesh portion was gazetted in the Government of Madhya Pradesh Notice dated 20 December 1978, the Uttar Pradesh portion was gazetted in the Government of Uttar Pradesh Notice dated 29 January 1979 and the Rajasthan portion was gazetted in the Government of Rajasthan Notice dated 7 December 1979.

Full Address

National Chambal Sanctuary, Kheda Azab Singh, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India


Type of Place

  • Sanctuary
  • Museum

Prefered For

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Kids


  • Indra Gandhi International Airport, Delhi.
  • Agra Railway Station.

Important Information

  • Phone: +91 562 2530091, Photograph courtesy, Gharial - Ram pratap Singh, Pelican - Sandeep Behara


  • The critically endangered gharialcrocodile and the red-crowned roof turtle live here, and together with the endangered Ganges river dolphin are the keystone species of the sanctuary. There are forest rest houses at Bah and Chakkar Nagar and Public Works Department inspection bungalows at Bah and Pinahat. There are several commercial hotels and eco lodges at Agra, Etawah and Bah.

Things to Buy

  • Carpets, Metal wares, Marble, Leather goods.

Things to Eat

  • MUGHLAI FOODS {all types of mughlai foods are available}, BEDHAI AND KACHORI {Famous point and area - Panchhi Petha and Baluganj area}, CHAAT {Famous area - Chaat wali gali in sadar bazar}, DAALMOTH {Famous point and area - Panchhi Petha and Baluganj area}, PARANTHAA {Famous point - Rambabu paranthe wale on old Delhi Agra highway}, PETHA {Famous point and area - Panchhi Petha and Baluganj area}.

Things to enjoy

  • There are many nature watching opportunities available for visitors to the National Chambal Sanctuary. The best opportunities for sighting and photography of gharial and dolphins can be had by hiring a boat with a driver and guide, available at several points along the river. A boat excursion will also offer many viewpoints for photography of water and shore birds and landscapes. Walking trails in the ravines and along the river offer opportunities for close observation of the wide variety of plants and animals in the sanctuary.