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Purana Qila


Purana Qila (old fort) is one of the oldest fort, situated on the Delhi-Mathura Road. It was constructed by The Mugal king Humayun and Afghan King Sher Shah. It is tough to say as to how much of the work of Humayun and how much of it is that of Sher Shah, Almost the same architecture of the two kings. The general opinion however, is that the wall and gates were built in the reign of Humayun while the buildings within Sher Shah. Sher Shah raised the fort of Purana-Qila with a vast city-area spread around it. It seems that the Purana-Qila was still incomplete at Sher Shah's death in 1545, and was completed by his son Islam Shah, it is not certain which parts were built by whom. The castle has a circuit of about 1.5 km. The fort is in rectangular shape, the east and west sides being the longest.The wall of Purana Qila are some 0.33 meters in thickness and are terminated at each corner by massive prop. It should be noted that unlike earlier fortified cities of Delhi, the walls of Purana Qila are not provided frequently with bastions it is only the west wall which possesses any intermediate bastions at all, the curtain between them averaging 73 meters. This was possibly due to the fact that there was water on the remaining sides which rendered them immune from assault. The river was used to wash the eastern based of the monument and feed the protecting moat on the other three sides.


The fort was slaughtered several of times but there was no damage made to the fort. This fort shows the magnificent architecture and bonding between the Hindu and Muslim because this fort is an example of Hindu and Muslims architecture.

Full Address

Purana Qila, Mathura Rd, Near Delhi Zoo, New Delhi, Delhi 110003


Type of Place

  • Historical
  • Monuments
  • Park
  • Picnic Spot
  • Romantic

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  • Couples
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Kids
  • Senior Citizen


  • IGI Airport.
  • Pragati Maidan.
  • New Delhi Railway Station.

Important Information

  • Opens On All Days Timing : Morning to Evening (preferred timing : 10am to 6pm) Entry Fee : INR 20 (For Indian citizens) and INR 200 (For Foreigners) Photography Charges : Free, (Video shoot Charge INR 25)


  • The first noticeable feature of Purana Qila is that its bastioned ramparts, massively constructed of rubble masonry, are marvels of strength. The second remarkable feature is that the three gates of Purana Qila which show the Hindu and Muslim style of architecture. The northern entrance, generally known as Tallaqi Darwaza, has among its decorations a crude representation of the solar orb. More remarkable than the walls and gates of Purana Qila there are the notable buildings inside like Sher Mandal, Qila-i-Kuhna Masjid and many more.

Things to Buy

  • Designer clothes, Handcrafted material and specially Silver Jewelry.

Things to Eat

  • Chole Bhature, Chaat, Parantas and Sweets are so delicious.

Things to enjoy

  • The boating in the lake. Museum in the fort. We can also do some adventure by walking on the fragile wall of the fort, which separates the fort from the Zoo.