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Radhakrishna Temple


Radhakrishna Temple is a temple in the Indian city of Kanpur. It is considered to be a unique combination of ancient and modern architecture. The mandapa of the temple has been built with the high roof for adequate ventilation of light and air. The temple was built by JK Trust and major maintenance expenditures of the temple also come from the trust fund. The temple is also popularly known as JK Temple(Juggilal Kamlapati temple).


Singhania family which owns a number of companies under its umbrella JK Group formed a trust known as JK Trust in 1953. The trust built this temple and was opened for people in the year 1960. The temple commemorated its 50 years in 2010.

Full Address


Type of Place

  • Historical
  • Temple

Prefered For

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Kids
  • Senior Citizen


  • Kanpur Airport
  • Kanpur Railway Station

Important Information

  • Photography is however banned and the place is heavily secured with guards and CCTV. large purses and Handbags are not allowed and need to be deposited at the cloakroom before entering.


  • The temple has five shrines dedicated to the JK Temple. Lord Radha and Krishna Lord Lakshmi and Narayan Lord Ardhanarishwar Lord Hanuman Lord Narmadeshwar

Things to Buy

  • Stone Carved Curios Indic Literature Wooden Toys Bangles and other Accessories

Things to Eat

  • Thaggu Ke Laddu Dry Fruit Laddoo Doodh Peda Churma Laddoo Panjeeri Laddoo Badnam Kulfi

Things to enjoy