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Rajon Ki Baoli


This place is located at Anuvrat Marg, Mehrauli Archeological Park Trail, Mehrauli, New Delhi 110016, India The Rajon ki Baoli is a stepwell that has its own niche among these monuments, as a relic of the last pre-Mughal dynasty, the Lodhis. It is believed to have been built by Daulat Khan in the time of Sikander Lodhi. It is said to have been used for some time by Raj Mistri (masons). Pluralised, that is how the structure got its name. Since most of the structure is subterranean, only the topmost storey is visible above the ground. As far back as 600 AD, architects were making Baolis (step-wells), by digging deep to reach sources of groundwater. As time advanced, the architects would secure the ‘well’ dug up by them with stones at the circumference. Since the water source was often rather deep, especially in dry places like Delhi, a series of steps would be built deep towards the well, for people to descend & draw water from.


With time, the use of Baolis evolved from merely sources of water to places of recreation, a refuge from the punishing tropical heat. The early medieval kings of India built arched colonnades around the steps, where they could relax away from the scorching sun and their use survived even after the Muslim warriors of Central Asia came to India on their conquests.

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Rajon Ki Baoli, Mehrauli Archeological Park Trail, Mehrauli Village, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110016


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  • Historical
  • Monuments
  • Picnic Spot
  • Romantic

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  • Couples
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Important Information

  • good for History Buffs Photo Fanatics Wanderers timings All days of the week 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM visit duration 1 to 2 Hours entry fee No entry fees


  • The first impression you get is of a medieval courtyard surrounded by a many-pillared Verandah, arches done in the stylised fashion peculiar to North India at the time. To watch the mysterious building unravelling its secrets is an experience that is not to be missed. With each step you take farther in, there are more Verandahs at each level; each succeeding underground level a lot cooler than the previous one. While the water is no more as potable as it must have been once, the place is a rare haven of peace. If Rajon ki Baoli is the first structure of its king that you visit, waste no time in seeing the other famous ones. If you like your travels to include out-of-the-way, quaint destinations, include similar ones at Nizamuddin & the Agrasen Ki Baoli near Connaught Place (CP) as well. - The Agrasen Ki Baoli in Delhi is considered haunted and is placed at 10th position in the list of ten most haunted places in India.Some believe that the haunted tales are a myth, while some claim to be eye witness to these shocking stories. ... Real Ghost Videos Caught On Tape.

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