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Shri Mankameshwar Mandir


Mankameshwar Temple is one of four ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva located on the four corners of Agra City. It is located at Rawatpara, near the Jama Masjid , Mankameshwar temple is about 2.5 kilometers from the Taj Mahal and 1 km from Agra Fort and is surrounded by old markets.


The history of Mankameshwar Mandir takes us to the Dwapara Era, when Lord Shri Krishna was born in Mathura. Lord Shiva has arrived from Mount Kailash to this place to give darshan to Krishna and he rested here. Shiva meditated and stayed in the cremation ground near River Yamuna. He thought that if Krishna played on his laps, he would erect a linga in that place. Looking at Shiva, Krishna’s mother, Yashoda asked Shiva to stay away from her child as he would get scared of him. Watching everything, Krishna played a trick and started crying pointing to Shiva. Shiva was sitting under a banyan tree in Samadhi position. Yashoda called Shiva and asked him to bless her child. After blessing Krishna, Shiva returned to this place and laid his linga here.

Full Address

Rawat Para Rd, Sheb Bazar, Mantola, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282003


Type of Place

  • Temple

Prefered For

  • Family
  • Senior Citizen


  • Indra Gandhi International Airport, Delhi.
  • Agra Railway Station.

Important Information

  • Timing : 07:00 am to 10:00 pm.


  • This temple is surrounded by a very busy shopping hub. There is a big grocery market, cosmetic market, shoe market, jewellery market and Indian sweet's market. There are special pan which you get at Mankameshwar.

Things to Buy

  • Carpets, Metal wares, Marble, Leather goods.

Things to Eat

  • MUGHLAI FOODS {all types of mughlai foods are available}, BEDHAI AND KACHORI {Famous point and area - Panchhi Petha and Baluganj area}, CHAAT {Famous area - Chaat wali gali in sadar bazar}, DAALMOTH {Famous point and area - Panchhi Petha and Baluganj area}, PARANTHAA {Famous point - Rambabu paranthe wale on old Delhi Agra highway}, PETHA {Famous point and area - Panchhi Petha and Baluganj area}.

Things to enjoy

  • Its a very great place of load Shiva .Peoples comes here with there family. The main attraction was that market surrounded a temple and their was a great hub.