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Sidi Bashir Masjid


SIDI BASHIR MOSQUE Also known as the Jhulta Minar or Shaking Minarets. This is one of the most exciting and unconventional mosques of Ahmedabad- an architectural wonder. This Unique Mosque was built in 1452 AD. The mosque has two minarets, each of which is three stories tall with sculpted balconies. A soft shaking of either minaret reacts in the other minaret vibrating after a few seconds, though the joining passage between them remains free of vibration. The absolute cause of this is unknown as of yet. Monsieur M. Williams, an English Sanskrit scholar, noted this phenomenon for the first time in the 19th century.


It is supposed that the mosque was build by a slave of Sultan Ahmed Shah named Sidi Bashir. A conflicting myth is that the mosque was built by Malik Sarang, who was a noble in the court of Muhammed Begada, another Sultan of Gujarat.

Full Address

Shaking Minarets, Kalupur Road, Sarangpur, Laxmi Bazar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380002.


Type of Place

  • Historical
  • Monuments
  • Mosque
  • Picnic Spot

Prefered For

  • Friends
  • Kids
  • Senior Citizen


  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
  • Ahmedabad Railway Station

Important Information

  • Entry to the shaking minaret was prohibited following an incident at Qutb Minar in Delhi, where a stampede resulted in many children being crushed.


  • Its unique architecture. Shaking minarets.

Things to Buy

  • As everyone knows Gujarat is famous for the textile market one can buy some textile to make the trip memorable.

Things to Eat

  • Must taste the Gujarati Thali here along with the traditional snacks even you may taste Dhokla, Khakra, Khandvi with some Lassi, Buttermilk, and sweets like Ghevar, Malpua.

Things to enjoy

  • You can enjoy the vibrant creativity of Islamic Arts and Architecture, traces the historical development of Islamic regions and dynasties, highlighting their diversity of artistic expression from the inception of the faith until the present.